Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shop Local

The selection is there, the prices are right, and you can get a great sense of satisfaction in knowing you are doing something real to support your community.  Spending locally helps to pay the salaries of employees who then turn around and pay mortgages and buy food, clothing and gasoline. That dollar can also help pay the property tax or the retail sales tax that helps fund our schools and build our roads. That extra dollar can help your merchant increase the variety of their inventory and lower their costs, thereby providing a better shopping experience for you. O’Brien County Economic Development strongly encourages everyone to support our local merchants this holiday season, and all year long.

Small Biz Survival has compiled the following list.

Top Ten Reasons to Shop Local

10. Local stores are more likely to carry locally produced foods which supports local agriculture.
9. Local business owners contribute to more local fundraising and 501(c)3’s.
8. Local businesses provide a majority of jobs.
7. Local businesses support other local businesses.
6. The business community becomes reflective of this community’s unique culture.
5. The sales taxes I pay support this community and county: fixing my roads, maintaining my recreational facilities, . . .
4. Competition and diversity result in fair prices and more choices.
3. Shopping local reduces my carbon footprint.
2. Local business owners invest in the community and have a vested interest in the future of this community.
1. My hometown is most important!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Barn Quilts of O'Brien County Recipe Collection

This collection of recipes comes from several of the good cooks in O'Brien County. Each page is illustrated with one of the Barn Quilts in the county. The 36 recipes cover the mealtime: salad, main course, and deserts with extra snack time items too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Living The Good Life

O'Brien County, Iowa is the perfect choice for agri-business success. Our proven track record and growing expertise is deeply rooted throughout our society, and is sustained by integrity, un-paralleled work ethic, solid knowledge and practical business sense.

Revolving Loan Fund - GAP Financing

Need Money?
The purpose of the O’Brien County Revolving Loan Fund and the IRP Account is to further the public purpose of economic development through joint private and public investments which involve the creation of new jobs and income, or the retention of existing jobs and income that would otherwise be lost

Revolving Loan Funds may be used for:

Land Purchases

Building Purchases

Building Construction

Machinery Purchases

Equipment Purchases

Any other uses deemed appropriate by the O'Brien County Revolving Loan Fund Committee.

Please contact Kiana Johnson for an application at: